Marital and Family Law

The majority of the cases in the family law area involve initial divorce proceedings within the court system. Usually, the case involves the identification and valuation of both marital and non-marital assets and liabilities for equitable distribution and, also, an income and expenses analysis for support issues, including alimony and child support.

In addition to initial divorce proceedings, the firm also handles post-judgment enforcement and modification proceedings, paternity lawsuits, support proceedings not involving divorce, child relocation proceedings, parenting plans, including various time-sharing arrangements, pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements.

All of our cases are unique due to the many aspects involved. Some cases involve complex business problems, bankruptcies or foreclosures. Other cases might necessitate a parent coordinator to help the parents resolve parenting disputes, while other cases may involve the appointment of a guardian ad litem or attorney ad litem to protect the interests of the children.

Any family law proceeding can be very expensive to resolve. Our clients benefit from legal expertise accumulated over many years and from the individual attention and follow through afforded by a smaller firm.

Our experienced support staff handles many of the routine aspects of the case in order to minimize client expenses.

The lawyers and support staff at our firm understand that family law proceedings are more personal than most other lawsuits and involve emotional decisions that often cause the persons involved to lose sight of the financial burden it is placing on them. We take pride in attempting to reduce the burden on the client by suggesting creative resolutions to the controversies which face them.